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The Integrity Group is proud to acknowledge that without exception, the feedback it routinely receives from clients on matters such as workshop instruction, training, and policy development has been extremely positive. Examples of some of these comments are as follows:

About our facilitators:

  • "The facilitators were excellent-easy to understand, very organized, with good stories and scenarios!"
  • "Relaxed, easy to follow and adaptable"
  • "Lively, well spoken, clear & interesting"
  • "Very knowledgeable and interesting"
  • "Appreciated the sense of humour"
  • "Enjoyed their personalities-well balanced"
  • "Friendly, kind and RESPECTFUL"
  • "Good layperson's terminology...easy for anyone to understand...spoke in our language"
  • "Enabled discussion because of their ease and knowledge of the topics. Easy-going & supportive"
  • "Clear and concise”
  • "Dynamic"
  • "Interesting, FUN! (not boring)"

About our programs:

  • "Would highly recommend these programs to anyone...well done"
  • "It was all valuable information-needs to be emphasized all the time"
  • "Addressed all those grey areas"
  • "Hope to follow this up with more workshops"
  • "Great format-role-plays and case studies were very effective"
  • "Excellent information, well presented"

About our workbooks and materials:

  • "Very relevant"
  • "The Integrity Group clearly understands our needs and exceeded our expectations"
  • "Excellent reference material-will use it again and again"
  • "Comprehensive, accessible"
  • "Easy to follow, well laid out and easy to understand"
  • "Good reference material for later"

About our independent investigators:

  • "Very effective and professional"
  • "Showed clear neutrality, objectivity and impartiality-well balanced"
  • "Obviously very experienced and knowledgeable"
  • "Notably meticulous with written evidence"
  • "Well prepared in advance of meetings"
  • "Answered all questions thoroughly, professionally"
  • "Very thorough and highly efficient"
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Integrity Group had been around since 1996 in North America
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The Integrity Group, Vancouver, BC, are experts and professional Lawyers in Human Rights Law Consulting within North America (Canada and the United States). Helping companies to become a respectful workplace by preventing discrimination in the workplace, psychological harassment, bullying, workplace aggression & abuse, and sexual harassment. Offering policy development, workplace harassment coaching, harassment independent investigations, diversity in the workplace, Human Rights training for prevention, workshops and seminars, conflict resolution, facilitation, mediation, debriefing, interventions, and ombuds services.